Rules of Civility Book Review

In the Rules of Civility book series, we meet a group of characters who live and work in New York City. Katey Kontent is the main character and she is tall, attractive, and chestnut in coloring. She grew up in Brooklyn and lost her father when she was nineteen. She now works as a secretarial assistant at Quiggin & Hale and works her way up the social ladder. Katey also likes to visit church in between services.

Katey Kontent

Rules of Civility is a debut novel by Amor Towles that takes a look at high society during the Depression in New York City. The novel is about a young woman named Katey Kontent, who lives in a swanky ladies’ hotel. She works hard as a typist at a big law firm but also likes to go out and try out the nightlife in Greenwich Village. One fateful New Year’s Eve, she meets Tinker Grey, who becomes her boyfriend and new friend. But Katey finds that her life is about to change completely.

The story takes us from the world of books to the high society of New York. We see Katey’s life as she tries to make it in New York City. From Gatsby-esque parties in Long Island estates to jazz dives and posh restaurants with menus that look like giant playing cards, she encounters the rich and famous and their posh lifestyles. Ultimately, Katey aims to be something more than just an ordinary woman trying to survive in the big city.

Rules of Civility has a strong literary undercurrent. The title comes from a document written by a young George Washington, titled “The Rules of Civility.” The book outlines the rules of decent behavior in conversation and company. The title is also indicative of Katey’s love of books, as she aims to pursue a career in writing. Towles also references early 20th century American classics, including F Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby.

Katey is a great heroine in this novel. Originally from a Russian immigrant family, Katey is an avid reader. She has a huge book collection and a love of Dickens. Her friends Eve and Tinker play an essential role in her development throughout the novel.


If you’re looking for a great historical novel, then Rules of Civility is the book for you. Set in 1938 Manhattan, this story is filled with the sights, sounds, and class differences of a time gone by. Set amidst the Wall Street bankers and elite publishing houses, as well as the elitist Long Island house parties, Rules of Civility is a dazzling debut that explores the human condition. The characters include Katey Kontent, an immigrant from Russia, who travels throughout America, observing her life, and the lives of others.

Towles’ Rules of Civility is a New York Times bestseller. After the success of the novel, Towles decided to retire from his job in finance and concentrate on writing full time. His second novel, A Gentleman in Moscow, was published in 2016, and it also made the New York Times bestseller list. In this novel, Towles takes us inside the lives of two very different women: Katey Kontent, the daughter of a Russian immigrant, and Evie Ross, a stunning midwestern woman. The story opens at a jazz club in New York.

As Katey grows into a woman, she tries to rekindle the romance she shared with Tinker. Katey finds out about Tinker’s wealth and tries to recreate it with him. She then begins to explore her relationship with Dickey, as well as her expectations.

Katey Kontent is a young woman living in Manhattan. Her last few dollars are spent on a lavish New Year’s Eve celebration, where she meets handsome young banker Tinker Grey. Their relationship blossoms, until a tragic event changes their lives. Then, Katey finds herself on an unexpected path.


Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility is a debut novel that opens on New Year’s Eve 1938 in Manhattan. It plays with themes of class, love, and fated encounters. It also plays with the notion of a female protagonist, Katey Kontent, who is born to Russian immigrants and lives in Brooklyn. The novel follows Katey as she advances in her career and her marriage.

The Rules of Civility follows the year of Katey Kontent, a twenty-five-year-old living in New York City. She spends her last few dollars on New Year’s Eve, where she meets the handsome young banker, Tinker Grey. The two grow closer to each other, but tragedy changes everything and sends them on a path that they never thought possible.

The characters in Rules of Civility have a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. They represent the various social strata of New York, and the book has rich imagery and themes. In addition to being entertaining, these characters are also easy to relate to. As a result, the Rules of Civility are great for kids of all ages.


Eve and Tinker are roommates in a boarding house. After Eve gets in an accident, Tinker feels responsible for the accident and tries to protect his friend. He also takes Katey for a spin in his car. Katey drifts away from the two, but she soon begins to feel comfortable in their company.

In this novel, Katey Kontent and Eve meet Tinker Grey, a handsome young banker from New York City. The two quickly become friends, but their lives are drastically changed by a tragic event. Eve and Tinker are forced to face their past and face a new beginning, changing the course of their relationships.

A reporter, wishing to write a cover story for a luxury conde-nast magazine, starts interviewing doormen and elevator boys. In the process, he learns about the intelligence of those living in the lower social strata. This experience leaves a deep impression on his boss and even his friends living in flophouses. This conflict between class and ability is central to Towles’ characters in Rules of Civility.

Katey is jealous of Tinker’s relationship with Eve. She thinks that he is not the kind of man she expected him to be. However, she is determined to make her happy and successful. After all, Katey is jealous of Tinker and Eve’s life in Key West.

Hank is Tinker’s older brother. He is a painter who takes pride in living a starving artist’s life. He develops a grudging friendship with Katey and has secrets of his own. Throughout the series, Hank and Katey grow closer as friends.


“The Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles has been called one of the most underrated novels of recent years, with good reason. This novel takes a bookworm’s perspective on social and personal interaction, and takes us on an entertaining ride through Gatsby-esque parties in Long Island estates, jazz dives, and lushly appointed offices at Conde Nast and The Plaza. While the book is certainly entertaining, it is not for the faint of heart, and may not be for everyone.

“Rules of Civility” is Towles’ debut novel. The book follows the life of a young woman in New York City during a transitional year. The author uses a narrator to follow her journey through 1938 from her present-day perspective in 1966. Katey Kontent, the main character in the book, remembers her old friend Tinker Grey from photographs taken in the Depression-era New York subway system. “Tinker Grey, who was photographed in cashmere and threadbare clothes, was important to Katey Kontent in 1938.

Originally, the book was about Katey, Tinker, and Eve. However, events take Eve offstage and introduce us to other characters, including Wallace Wolcott, Dicky Vanderwhile, Peaches, Hank, and Anne Grandyn, Katey’s best friend. In this way, the story has many characters, including a character reminiscent of Agatha Christie and her slow pace of revealing information.

Amor Towles’ debut novel explores the themes of love, timing, friendship, class, betrayal, and money. As a writer, Towles understands that the path to money is paved with corruption. In his book, his characters are descended from the socialite Lily Bart or Jay Gatsby, but unlike the characters in the novels, these characters have consciences. As a result, “Rules of Civility” is a word-of-mouth hit.

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