Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

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Rules of Civility explores the conflict between class and upbringing. It’s not uncommon for people of all backgrounds to clash, and that’s the case among Towles’ characters as well. From elevator boys to doormen to the title character, a character’s upbringing can greatly affect his or her success in life.

Katey Kontent

Rules of Civility is a new book by Amor Towles and a fascinating look at 1930s New York high society. The story is set in the year 1937 and centers on Katey Kontent, a young woman working as a secretary for a large law firm. She meets a handsome young banker, Tinker Grey, by chance, and they start to develop a friendship. As their relationship grows, tragedy changes Katey’s life and takes her down a path she never thought she would.

Rules of Civility is a novel that’s ripe with literary references. The title of the book is a reference to a document written by a young George Washington in which he lays out the rules for proper behavior in conversation and company. The title also reflects Katey’s love of reading and her entry into the world of literature. Towles also makes numerous references to early 20th century American classics, including F Scott Fitzgerald. One of the most recurring echoes is The Great Gatsby.

The rules of civility are important for Katey Kontent and Tinker, two characters who are trying to make their way in the big city. Katey’s mother and father are immigrants and she is working in a secretarial pool on Wall Street. She wants something grander than what is allowed by society in New York.

Dicky Vanderwhile

“Rules of Civility” is a sophisticated debut novel set in 1938 New York City. It follows the adventures of twenty-five-year-old Katey Kontent, a woman of uncompromising intellect, bracing wit, and cool nerve. In the course of her year, Katey makes some surprising discoveries and embarks on an unexpected journey through New York society.

Katey’s story begins when she quits her assistant job at Quiggin & Hale and starts working at a magazine. She becomes friends with Dicky Vanderwhile, who takes an interest in her. The two begin corresponding and Katey accepts an invitation to spend an evening with Dicky and Susie Vanderwhile. She also realizes she’s earning half of the salary she was making at Quiggin & Hale.

Eve, Tinker, and Katey are the first characters to appear in the book, and events lead them offstage. The story then introduces some familiar characters, including Dicky Vanderwhile, Wallace Wolcott, Bitsy, Peaches, Hank, and Anne Grandyn. In a book inspired by Agatha Christie, the characters gradually reveal themselves.

Amor Towles’ first novel is an enjoyable read, exploring the world of Depression-era Manhattan. “Rules of Civility” is a good debut novel, and the author deserves a platform on 42nd Street on Broadway.

Wallace Wolcott

Although Rules of Civility begins with a story about Katey, Tinker, and Eve, the plot soon moves offstage. Katey’s friends Dicky Vanderwhile and Wallace Wolcott enter the picture. Besides these friends, there’s Peaches, Bitsy, Hank, and the aforementioned Wallace. Eventually, Katey meets Katey’s friend Anne Grandyn, who’s an Agatha Christie fan. While this doesn’t seem to be a perfect match for Katey and Wallace, they do have something in common.

Set in New York City during the 1930s, Rules of Civility tells the story of a twenty-five-year-old woman named Katey Kontent. She’s a brilliant but uncompromising young writer with bracing wit and a cool nerve, which leads her on a journey through society.

The last rule in Rules of Civility is to maintain a conscience. Washington’s “Rules of Civility” were 150 years ahead of their time, but Dicky recognizes the noble nature of Tinker’s aspiration to live by them. Dicky and Katey’s relationship is complicated by a bitter past.

Towles’ Rules of Civility is his first novel, and he lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children. He’s a New York native with two daughters. In one of the early chapters, Katey and Eve hit a popular bar, “The Hotspot” in Greenwich Village, where she calls Tinker Grey. He shows up dashing in a black tie and a cashmere coat, despite Katey’s preconceptions about his background.


Rules of Civility by Amor Towles is a debut novel set in New York City during 1938. The novel reaches into the world of New York society’s privileged class, and makes nods to authors such as Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. The book also draws its title from George Washington, which is a clever riff on The Great Gatsby.

Rules of Civility is a sophisticated debut novel set in New York City in 1938. The story revolves around an uncompromising twenty-five-year-old named Katey Kontent, who embarks on a journey through the social strata of the city. The novel’s characters are snappy-talking New Yorkers who rarely have a conversation without a cocktail.

A character like Katey is one of Towles’ most endearing and humane creations. She’s smart and heartbreaking and possesses the dictionary definition of pluck. She is a powerful character, showing the power of honesty about loss, the fear of reaching out to a stranger, and the loyalty of friends.


“Rules of Civility” is a book about friendship and love in a small New York city during the Great Depression. It is a page-turner with a sparkling atmosphere and shocking revelations. Towles evokes the ghosts of Capote, Fitzgerald, and McCarthy. The book is an uplifting and witty love letter to a great American city.

The story is both heartbreaking and empowering. It shows how one person can make it through tough times with the support of their friends. It also demonstrates how we can’t give up on our friends and family, no matter how difficult they seem. Towles’ Katey is smart, heartbreaking, and the dictionary definition of pluck.


Rules of Civility is a novel by Amor Towles about a group of characters living in Manhattan during the last night of 1937. It is a very interesting story about the social strata of New York City and the importance of upbringing to achieve success. There are many characters in Rules of Civility, including Eve and Tinker, two friends from Central Park West.

Rules of Civility is the first novel by Amor Towles and it is a story about the transitional year in the life of a young woman living in New York City. The story is narrated by the protagonist Katey Kontent, who looks back on the events of the year 1938 from the future point of view of 1966. Katey Kontent is particularly interested in the character Tinker Grey, who was photographed on the subway in threadbare and cashmere garments.

Katey, Tinker, and Eve are the main characters of the book, but events in the novel lead them off stage. The two are joined by other characters like Dicky Vanderwhile, Wallace Wolcott, and Peaches. One of Katey’s friends, Anne Grandyn, has a love life. She is jealous of the two characters.

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