Rules of Civility Characters

rules of civility characters

Katey Kontent

Rules of Civility is a sophisticated debut novel set in New York City during the 1930s. The story centers on the uncompromising Katey Kontent, a twenty-something with an extraordinary intellect and bracing wit. As she makes her way up the social ladder, Katey encounters many characters that shape her life.

Katey, a young woman from Brooklyn, meets Tinker Grey in a jazz bar. Tinker Grey, an opulent banker, propels her into upper-class society. Katey’s bracing wit and cool nerve help her navigate these worlds.

Rules of Civility is packed with literary references. The title of the novel comes from a document written by a young George Washington that outlines the basic rules of proper behavior in conversation and company. Katey Kontent’s literary tastes are reflected in the book’s references to classic American literature. For instance, Towles mentions F Scott Fitzgerald and echoes the classic novel The Great Gatsby in several places.

In the opening scene of the novel, Katey meets Tinker Grey, a wealthy man in the city. The character has royal blue eyes and a ready smile. The encounter throws Katey off course and allows her to gain unexpected access to the Conde Nast offices and glittering social circle.

Katey is an engaging and often compelling character. As a writer, Towles demonstrates a keen interest in writing great novels. Her sentences are rich and full of description and are crafted with an admirable care for great fiction. Throughout the book, there is plenty of dramatic tension without sacrificing the plot.

Towles’ debut novel is buzzed about by critics and fans. The story follows a young Brooklyn girl, Katey Kontent, and a Midwestern beauty, Eve Ross. Together, they form an irresistible trio. The characters are vividly portrayed, and the dialogue is sharp. The author avoids the pitfalls of period nostalgia and sentimentality and gives us an enjoyable book about New York.


The novel Rules of Civility is a classic example of how literature can teach us about the human condition. In the novel, a reporter interviews a doorman and an elevator boy to create a cover story for a Conde Nast magazine. In the process, the reporter discovers that people living in the lower strata of society have great intelligence. This fact leads to a conflict between the reporter’s aspiration for a high social status and his own views about how important a good upbringing is. This conflict is a central theme in Towles’ novel and plays a key role in the story.

Rules of Civility is set in New York City in 1938. A young woman named Katey Kontent is trying to make it big in her new city. She has just received a job offer from a handsome young banker named Tinker Grey. The two of them begin to bond, but tragedy changes everything.

Katey is in love with Tinker, but she wants to find a way to make their romance work. The novel also explores how Katey feels about Dickey. She learns that she is jealous of Tinker, who lives in a posh apartment.


Rules of Civility is the first novel by Amor Towles and it chronicles the life of a young woman in New York City during the Great Depression. In the book, the narrator, Katey Kontent, narrates her journey through 1938 from the perspective of her future self, 1966. In the novel, Katey learns how important Tinker Grey is to her in 1938, the year she was photographed with a hidden camera on the subway. She finds herself falling in love with Tinker Grey, a gloomy character who has the power to rewrite history.

The Rules of Civility series is an enchanting read that explores the lives of four very different characters. Eve and Katey are boarding house roommates and are both enamored with the character of Tinker Grey. While Katey and Eve have a romantic relationship with Tinker, they have an unforeseen event that changes their lives. This tragedy changes their relationship and sends them down a path they didn’t expect.

Katey is smart and observant. Tinker takes her to dinner with him and she watches the couples as they converse. She bounces between the upper and lower classes in Manhattan, and she’s not as ambitious as Eve. After Tinker leaves her, she learns to survive on her own.

Tinker attended St. George’s Prep School. He was friends with Fran in The Union Club, and with a woman at the La Belle Epoque restaurant. He was also a senior fiction editor at Pembroke Press. He also became a political activist and a writer.

Tinker Grey is a man of privilege. He has a gold monogrammed lighter and a cashmere coat. He also has a fancy car. He’s also charming and ends up becoming Katey’s friend and partner in a tumultuous year.

Hank is Tinker’s older brother. He lives in squalor and imitates Stuart Davis’s art. He resents Tinker for having a relationship with Anne and taking money from her. Hank refuses to spend his money with Tinker, spending it on his enlistment and friends. He speaks best about Tinker around Katey, where he sees Tinker’s wonder.

George Washington

George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Conversation was a writing exercise he completed in school. Later, he went on to become the first president of the United States. He wrote the rules to help people behave well in public. He also included a few other tips for being a good citizen.

The Rules are a set of etiquette guidelines that govern how people act in public, including respect for superiors and civility to the lower classes. Washington lived by these guidelines throughout his life. His rules included things such as “do not spit in the fire” and “do not sleep while others are speaking.” These guidelines still apply today, and the rules are an essential reference for well-mannered people.

Washington’s Rules of Civility were originally written in the late sixteenth century. They were based on rules written by the Jesuits in France. These standards were written to help people conduct themselves in a civil manner and make others feel good. Washington may have been a teenager at the time, but these rules remain relevant and helpful today.

Washington wrote the Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation as a school writing exercise. Washington later became the first president of the United States. In his book, he outlined his rules of conduct and provided examples of how to follow them. Today, this book has been translated and edited by a number of people.

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