Rules of Civility Characters

The main character of Rules of Civility is Katey Kontent. She is a tall, attractive woman with chestnut coloring. She grew up in Brooklyn and lost her father when she was nineteen. She works at Quiggin & Hale in the secretarial pool. Her aim is to rise in the social circles, and she often visits churches in between services.

Katey Kontent

Rules of Civility is a debut novel by Amor Towles set in New York City during the 1930s. It follows the adventures of independent 20-something Katey Kontent as she makes her way through the social world. The book follows her relationship with Tinker Grey, an attractive young banker. They become closer, but a tragic event changes everything.

In the opening chapters, we meet Katey, Tinker, and Eve, and then follow their paths. Other characters in the series play crucial roles during the first half. Eve, Tinker, Dicky, and Wallace all play important roles in Katey’s development. However, Katey often makes erroneous assumptions about other people. She thought she knew who would “make her content” and who would be her allies. She even thought she knew Hank Grey and Anne Grandyn, but this proves to be a very naive and misguided approach to the world.

Katey Kontent is a working-class Brooklyn girl who meets Tinker Grey in a jazz club. They soon fall in love and meet each other’s families. Katey then follows Tinker to Cambridge, where she discovers that there is a lot of tarnish amidst the monogrammed silver. Despite the sexiness of this novel, it remains a charming and witty read.

Rules of Civility features a number of literary references, including one that is named after young George Washington’s document detailing the rules for conversation and company. The book also references early twentieth century American classics. The novel is full of references to F Scott Fitzgerald and the Great Gatsby.

Dicky Vanderwhile

The novel Rules of Civility is a sophisticated debut set in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century. It tells the story of a twenty-five-year-old woman with a bracing wit and a cool nerve. Katey Kontent, the main character, begins a journey through the society of New York during the Great Depression.

This novel also deals with the issue of masculinity in the modern world. The male characters are on the periphery of the rules of civility, with Dicky and Tinker being exceptions. However, they have something in common: both are flawed, including Tinker and Wallace Walcott, who is gun-toting and a cocky, sweet character. Dicky, on the other hand, has a crush on Kate, a friend of Dicky’s sister from a publishing house. Ultimately, Kate grows fond of the young casanova, and they begin a complicated relationship.

Anne Grandyn is Tinker’s wealthy godmother, and she looks up to her as an example of proper behavior. She also admires Tinker’s sense of style, though she suspects that someone else decorated his apartment. The book also features Katey’s relationship with Wallace Wolcott, the infamous jazz writer, and the club scene of the Thirties.

Wallace Wolcott

Wallace Wolcott is a character in the Rules of Civility series. He is a down-to-earth and quiet man from the East Coast. He enjoys outdoor activities and belongs to a bucolic gun club. His relationship with Kate develops over the course of the series and they become close. However, their relationship is not romantic.

In the beginning of the series, we’re introduced to Katey, Tinker, and Eve. We then follow the relationships of these characters and the events that lead them off stage. These events bring along other characters such as Peaches, Hank, and Wallace Wolcott. Agatha Christie uses these characters to create a slow-burning mystery. While we’re introduced to each character, it’s important to realize that the main characters are not all likable.

The characters in Rules of Civility are complex, flawed, and relatable. Their relationships are complicated, and they are also incredibly fascinating. Katey is a complex character, with a complex background. She is an intellectual, but she is also a strong person, with a cold nerve.

In the Year of 1938, Katey is a young American-born of Russian immigrants. She competes for the attention of a young wealthy man named Tinker Grey. Eve is in debt to her, but she becomes romantically involved with him. Meanwhile, she meets Wallace Wolcott, Tinker’s best friend.


Rules of Civility is a sophisticated debut novel set in 1938 New York City. It tells the story of Katey Kontent, a twenty-five year old with a bracing intellect and cool nerve, as she embarks on a journey through society. While the plot revolves around the lives of the characters, the novel is also full of bitsy characters that readers will want to know more about.

Rules of Civility is a debut novel written by Amor Towles. It opens on New Year’s Eve 1938 in Manhattan. It plays with themes of class, fated encounters, and love. The novel follows Katey Kontent, a young woman born to Russian immigrants in Brooklyn and growing up in a world of privilege.

While Bitsy is the main character in the novel, the other characters in the novel are Eve, Tinker, and Wallace. As the story progresses, Katey decides to leave the party in order to avoid these characters, but Bitsy stops her. She tells Katey about Wallace’s departure and how she’d like to become friends with Katey.


The book Rules of Civility by Amor Towles is a fun, funny, and moving read. It’s full of characters that we can identify with. Towles’ characters are smart, real, and plucky. While this story is heartbreaking, it is also empowering to follow Katey’s journey through loss and grief. Towles’ writing is honest about grief, the terror of reaching out to others, and the strength to stay true to friends.

The novel follows the life of Katey Kontent, a twenty-five-year-old in New York City during the Great Depression. She spends her last few dollars on New Year’s Eve with her new roommate, Eve, when she meets a young banker named Tinker Grey. The two of them develop a connection and become close. But a tragic event changes their relationship and sends Katey down an unexpected path.


In “Rules of Civility”, Hank is one of the main characters. The book is about the social rules that men should follow to be respected and appreciated. While in the book, he observes the social cues of his surroundings and tries to climb the social ladder. However, he struggles with his internal conflict and feels that he should be more civil to others.

Rules of Civility is a novel written by American novelist Amor Towles. It tells the story of a New Yorker’s year in 1938. She spends her last few dollars on New Year’s Eve with her friend Eve, but meets a handsome young banker named Tinker Grey, who seems to be able to make her life better. The two begin to get closer to each other, but tragedy intervenes and changes everything.

Despite their differences, both Hank and Katey have some common traits. They’re both intelligent and have a strong sense of style. They’re both sarcastic and charming. But Katey is suspicious of them. Her mother, Eve, doesn’t approve of the relationship and is frightened of Tinker. But she’s a bit jealous of Tinker and Eve’s lifestyle.

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