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Signs That Books Are Deceiving You

books can be deceiving

There are some signs that a book is deceiving you. Knowing these signs will help you choose books wisely. Here are a few ways that books can deceive you: They may be a little too’sparky’ or too ‘deceitful’ for your taste.

Deceitful books can be deceiving

Deceitful books can deceive, and I’m not just talking about those containing a few sly hints. I’m talking about books that deceive the reader with their descriptions of events and characters, and deceive themselves in the process. One such book is The Folly of Fools, by Robert Trivers, published in 2011.

Signs of deceitfulness in books

There are some telltale signs of deceitfulness in books, and you can spot them easily if you know how to look for them. You can spot deception by looking at the body language and tics of the characters. They are caused by fluctuations of the autonomic nervous system. UCLA psychology professor R. Edward Geiselman studied the behavior of dishonest people.

Eye movements are another telltale sign of deceit. When a person is lying, he or she will shield his or her eyes or mouth. The deceptive person will cover their mouth or shield his or her eyes by pressing their lips together. When you’re listening to a liar, they will most likely press their lips together and look nervous.

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