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Three Ways to Become a Great Reader

Why readers are the leaders

Are you a great reader? If so, you’re already on your way to becoming a leader. That’s because leaders are often readers. Whether you’re in a classroom or in a corporate office, being a great reader can help you become a better leader. Here are three ways to become a great reader:


As you begin your career or move into a new position, you may be asked about your teachability. This is not a question that you should ignore. Often, the best way to find out if you are a teachable candidate is to ask a prospective employer about the adage “a teacher is only as good as his students”.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you are a teachable leader. First, make sure to listen to the people who are teaching you. Second, evaluate your own teachability on a regular basis. Finally, read books, especially those written by leaders you will not have the chance to meet.

A platform to become a leader

A leadership platform can be used as an effective measure for the progress of a team. It is a tool that helps leaders in their efforts to build a reputation and establish a position of leadership. It is also a tool that allows them to be less wishy-washy and more effective in their actions.

The platform principle was first formulated by Silicon Valley and later it was applied to all sectors of business. As a result, the Japanese management techniques are now being adopted by leaders in all industries. Leaders who read and learn new ideas are more likely to develop people skills and intellect. Moreover, reading can be used as a powerful time management tool. In any given minute, we can get more done than we would have been able to do if we hadn’t spent the time.

Hobbies can make you a better leader

It’s no secret that having a hobby improves your leadership skills. Not only can it help you unplug from the daily grind, but it can also help you learn new things and create a better work-life balance. In fact, some CEOs believe that their hobbies teach them important leadership lessons.

According to research from Harvard Business Review, one of the best ways to boost your leadership skills is to find a hobby. Hobbies are great because they can help you to develop your self-awareness, enhance your emotional stability and increase your energy levels. They can even boost your creativity and critical thinking skills.

For instance, playing an instrument can stimulate your analytical and abstract thinking abilities. Similarly, playing board games can promote strategic thinking. These activities can be both individually and as a group activity.

A good hobby can boost confidence and encourage your social skills, which can translate into a better presentation in the workplace. Additionally, they can boost your mood, which is essential to leadership.

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