Ugly Love – A Novel

Book summary of Ugly Love A Novel

Ugly Love is a novel that is written from multiple points of view. It alternates between past and present chapters, and Hoover takes her readers on a rollercoaster of pain with each character. Explicit sex and violence are a few of the issues that come up throughout the book.


There are a number of different characters in Ugly Love. Various relationships, from friends with benefits to no-strings-attached relationships, are explored. The plot is often complex, involving characters with tragic pasts. If you enjoy a romantic comedy and want to get inside the lives of the characters, Ugly Love is the book for you.

This contemporary romance novel is the perfect Valentine’s Day read! Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love demonstrates Hoover’s skill at crafting a rich, realistic cast of characters. Her prose is both beautiful and engaging, and her characters seem to leap off the page.

The plot of Ugly Love explores the themes of love and its ability to hurt, and the question of whether it’s worth risking pain for love. While the novel doesn’t have a sad ending, it raises important questions about what it takes to find love and stay happy.

Tate has the capacity to love, but struggles to establish emotional boundaries. When Miles returns to her life, she sets them, but doesn’t fully give up her caring nature. Even though her feelings towards Miles are complicated, she still maintains her loving nature and shows kindness to strangers and friends alike. She also cares deeply about the homeless.


Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel set in contemporary San Francisco. It is written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. She writes realistic stories about love and life. Her novels are popular with young female readers. This book is a good choice for those who enjoy reading about relationships and finding love in unexpected places.

The novel is told from different points of view and alternates between past and present chapters. The first part reveals the backstory of Miles and his traumatic past. Then, Tate is forced to decide whether to pursue a more serious relationship with Miles or a casual one.

The second part of the plot of Ugly Love: Despite the story’s upbeat tone, it is rooted in an undercurrent theme of love hurting. The book explores the question of whether love is worth the pain. Unlike many novels about love, Ugly Love does not end with a tragic ending.


Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. It features friendships with benefits relationships and characters dealing with painful pasts. If you enjoy this type of contemporary fiction, you should try this novel. It will help you understand the complicated world of contemporary romance. If you want to read more books like Ugly Love, you should check out her other books.

In this novel, we are introduced to two main characters: Tate Collins and Miles. The first is a nurse named Tate who has just moved in with her brother to finish nursing school. She meets Miles, her brother’s best friend from pilot school. The relationship between Tate and Miles begins with an obvious attraction, but the novel also explores the darker side of both of these characters.

Explicit sex

Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel, set in San Francisco. It’s written by Colleen Hoover, a New York Times bestselling author of many YA and romance novels. The author lives in Texas, and her novels are known for their realistic tales of love and loss. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, heartfelt read, Ugly Love might be the one for you.

Ugly Love is told from multiple points of view, switching between Tate’s past and Miles’ present. Miles’ perspective is told in a different style than Tate’s, but it serves as an interesting contrast to Tate’s present-day perspective. This juxtaposition helps the reader to see Miles’ past in a new light and see how she changed over the years.

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