Ugly Love: A Novel

Book summary of Ugly Love A Novel

Ugly Love: A Novel is a story of two brothers, one of whom is a commercial airline pilot and the other who is a graduate nursing student. In order to save money, Tate moves in with her brother who is a pilot, and also works at a hospital on the weekends. The living arrangement is perfect for Tate until she meets the pilot across the hall. He is also a commercial airline pilot and is perfectly fine with fiddling around with the sister of his friend.


The storyline of Ugly Love is an interesting one, because it has a perfect set up with the two main characters. Miles and Tate don’t want to fall in love. They also don’t want a future. In the beginning, they both think they can handle it, but as the story unfolds, they realize they are not in control of their relationship.

Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. It’s a favorite among young female readers. The characters are relatable and the book keeps the reader reading until the very end. Hoover’s passion for writing makes her characters rich and believable. This is a truly unforgettable read and I recommend it to any romance lover.

The plot of Ugly Love focuses on the idea of love hurting, and the question of whether love is worth risking pain. The plot of the story does not end in tragedy, but it does have a happy ending. Ultimately, Tate and Miles are happily married with a daughter named Cap. In Ugly Love, the characters learn to accept their mistakes and move on.

The storyline of Ugly Love is filled with a number of intriguing relationships. For one, the love story between Miles and Rachel is based on a friendship. The two fall in love with each other, and their love grows over time. This makes the book a great Valentine’s Day read. The prose is beautiful, and the characters seem to lift off the page.

One of the most notable issues in this novel is Tate’s lack of self-respect. While she has an innate love for Miles, she can’t seem to separate herself from him. Although her character lacks self-respect, Tate does show signs of self-awareness. She consciously subjects herself to less-than-respectful treatment, but believes that her beautiful moments more than make up for the ugly love.


Ugly Love is a love story with emotional content. It features no-strings-attached and friends-with-benefits relationships, as well as characters dealing with difficult pasts. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day read. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid.

The story is based in contemporary San Francisco. Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author of YA and romance novels, including Ugly Love. Although she lives in Texas, Hoover is most well-known for her realistic stories. Her characters are believable, and her books are filled with love and romance.

Ugly Love: A Novel About Love in the 21st Century by Colleen Hoover features two distinct perspectives. The present day focuses on the character Tate Collins, while the past is portrayed through the character Miles Archer. The story begins with a drunken meeting outside of Tate’s brother’s apartment. Soon, the two men develop a strong attraction to each other. Despite Miles’ lack of interest in love, Tate finds herself attracted to Miles, and the two begin a love story that explores the dark secrets that they both carry.

Ugly Love: A Novel in the 21st Century, “Ugly Love” is a sweet romantic novel with a romantic core. It teaches readers a valuable lesson about love and the ugly side of it. While the book has a strong message, it is not perfect. Nonetheless, it is a worthy read.

Setting of Ugly Love: A Novel in Modern Times by Colleen Hoover demonstrates Hoover’s gift for storytelling. The novel moves along at a fluid pace, with peaks and valleys of emotions. It focuses on the complexities of human feelings and the consequences of those emotions.


“Ugly Love” is a novel about two people falling in love, despite their distance and pasts. When Tate Collins moves to a new city to finish nursing school, she has a busy life, and she is determined to complete her nursing degree. But her past threatens to sabotage her plans.

Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel set in San Francisco. It follows two characters, each of whom is struggling with their pasts. In a story about love and friendship, we see how these characters cope with their trauma and come to terms with love. The storyline is a compelling one that makes readers want to know what happens next.

Ugly Love: A Novel by Colleen Hoover features multiple points of view. It alternates between past and present chapters, bringing the readers into the heartbreaking lives of two polar opposites. Miles’s past is revealed, and Hoover weaves the chapters from the past into the present.

In Ugly Love: A Novel, the central characters are Rachel and Clayton, who fall in love. The couple has a son, Clayton, who dies in a car accident. Miles saves Rachel from the crash, but he could not save Clayton. This makes Rachel abandon Miles, who was once her best friend. Miles later visits Rachel in the present. Now, Rachel is married with a child.

Colleen Hoover’s words make her a master storyteller and her characters feel real. She writes in a symbolic language that makes readers experience fluid motion and emotional surges. The novel is a tale of feelings and what it means to feel too much or too little.

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