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Book summary of Ugly Love A Novel

Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. It is a great read that explores the complexities of a dysfunctional marriage. The story features a number of different points of view, multiple POVs, and explicit sex.

Tate Collins

Tate Collins doesn’t believe in love at first sight. She’s never had a true love, and she doesn’t think that will ever happen. Fortunately for her, she’s about to find out. In this new novel from Colleen Hoover, Tate is ready to make some love happen in her life.

Tate Collins is the perfect character to show readers that love isn’t always beautiful. She shows us that love takes a lot of work and persistence. Her character is a strong and flawed woman who struggles to find a happy marriage. Her story is filled with heartache and comedy, and she’ll leave you smiling and laughing.

Tate’s story starts with her arrival in San Francisco, where she stays with her brother Corbin, who’s a pilot. But, Corbin isn’t always home. One day, Tate finds a drunk man on the doorstep of their apartment. She recognizes him immediately as Miles, so she takes him inside and introduces him to her.

A novel about love and relationships, Ugly Love explores the concept of love hurts. Can love be worth the pain? In the end, it’s a choice for Tate. Tate and Miles ultimately decide whether or not to pursue a romantic relationship.

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover has done it again with her new novel, Ugly Love. The novel follows the relationship of Tate and Miles, a troubled man who cannot offer Tate more than a physical connection. He is emotionally distant and hides his past, and Tate must decide whether she wants to pursue a deeper relationship with Miles, or just a casual relationship.

This new novel by Colleen Hoover is a romantic comedy with a twist. It is the story of an imperfect marriage where memories and secrets tear the two apart. The novel also features some of Colleen Hoover’s beloved characters, including Daniel and Quinn.

Colleen Hoover is a Texas native who graduated from college with a degree in social work. After graduation, she worked in a social-services agency and in teaching. She then self-published her first two novels, Slammed and Point of Retreat, which were both #1 New York Times bestsellers. Point of Retreat was also picked up by Atria Books.

Multiple points of view

Ugly Love is a novel that alternates between multiple points of view. The book is told through Tate Collins’s present-day perspective and Miles Archer’s past-day perspective. Tate first meets Miles when he is a drunk outside his brother’s apartment, and they both discover a deep attraction to each other. However, Miles has no interest in finding love, and Tate is not particularly good at no-strings-attached relationships. The two men try to make the relationship work by following Miles’ rules of romance.

The book’s multiple points of view are very interesting, and Hoover uses an interesting writing style throughout. For instance, Miles’ first love is described in poetry. In fact, his entire section is written in poetry. But when Rachel hurts him, his poetry vanishes. I highly recommend Ugly Love as a Valentine’s Day read. Colleen Hoover is a wonderful writer and creates characters that leap off the page.

Ugly Love: A Novel With Multiple Points of View It’s a Novel With a Passion For Love and Pain! Colleen Hoover’s writing is getting better with every novel she writes. Her words sting, and her style of writing isn’t afraid to push boundaries. I found myself feeling a sense of desperation as I read the book. Sometimes, this kind of desperation is hard to see, but human angst is ugly.

Some critics have complained about Tate’s lack of self-respect. Despite being unable to stay away from Miles, she consciously subjects herself to less-than-respectful treatment. Although Tate’s character isn’t as self-respectful as Miles, the novel’s beauty makes up for her lack of self-respect.

Explicit sex

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover is a contemporary romance novel that is set in contemporary San Francisco. It is written by Hoover, a New York Times bestselling author who has written many YA and romance novels. Her novels are known for being honest and filled with love.

Ugly Love is an intense read about two people who are irretrievably different and unrecoverable. Although I’m not a fan of the premise of a book about relationships, Ugly Love was hard to put down and had a strong emotional impact during the last quarter of the book.

While Ugly Love contains many sex scenes, they don’t overwhelm the story. Instead, they are sprinkled throughout the novel and are infused with emotional and passionate tension. The sex scenes are a natural part of conversations between Tate and Miles.

Ugly Love follows two people over a period of six years, Miles and Tate. Miles’ perspective is written in a different style than Tate’s, which highlights the changes Miles has undergone and reveals the trauma he suffered six years ago.

Emotional manipulation

Emotional manipulation creates an imbalance of power. The manipulator can exploit your weaknesses and vulnerabilities to turn you against him. They can even make you believe their version of events. They are usually drawn to chaotic situations. They always try to pit two people against each other.

Emotional manipulation is very common in relationships. It can lead to a lot of pain and damage. It can even cause wounds to fester and worsen. Emotional manipulation is one of the most damaging forms of abuse, and it is a major theme in Ugly Love: A Novel.

It can be subtle at first. Some people call it negging. The trick is to gradually escalate the manipulation. This way, the victim can get used to it and not realize they are being manipulated. She may even think she’s being oversensitive and wonder if there’s anything she can do.

Emotional manipulation occurs when a person uses a false emotion to manipulate another person. They play the victim and try to make the other person feel sorry for them. A manipulator may even use threats to get the other person to accept the same behavior. The manipulator may even be unaware of their own actions.


Ugly Love is a contemporary romance novel set in contemporary San Francisco. It’s written by Colleen Hoover, a New York Times bestselling author of several YA and romance novels. Originally from Texas, Hoover is known for telling true stories about love and relationships. Her characters are strong, relatable, and she is an excellent writer of realistic stories. To learn more about Ugly Love, visit Colleen Hoover’s website.

The story revolves around a young woman named Tate Collins, who is going back to school to complete her nursing degree. She meets Miles, one of her brother’s best friends from pilot school. Tate has a strong attraction to Miles, and their relationship unravels some dark secrets.

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