What Are the Issues Between the Book Thief and The Book Thief Movie?

Whether you have seen the Theif movie or read the book, you will probably agree that there are several issues between the movie and the book. These include: a less violent time period, characters that are nixed from the story, and a lack of explanation about why words have so much power.

Less violent

Unlike other war movies, The Book Thief is an enjoyable film for all audiences. This movie was produced to translate Markus Zusak’s best-selling book into film. It’s an interesting look at what life was like during the Third Reich, but the movie is more suited for younger audiences. It’s a slow-burning movie that has a strong message for kids, but isn’t designed for thrills. Ultimately, The Book Thief is about people struggling to survive in a world where knowledge is stifled.

Unlike other war movies, The Book Thief uses a child’s perspective to tell its story. The film starts with a young girl named Liesel Meminger, who is shown on a train in 1938, with her sick little brother. The film then follows the rest of the journey, as Liesel’s brother dies before she gets to a small town. The script includes a brief war action scene, a brief schoolyard bullying scene, and a few vandalism scenes. The film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA, and it contains mild profanity.

The film is a great way to introduce younger audiences to the Holocaust. It’s not the most graphic war film, but it does include scenes of violence and a few Nazis. It’s also very pretty, which makes the Holocaust easier to view for young people. It also makes World War II look pretty, which is a bonus for any viewer. The film opens on November 27. It’s a great film for family viewing, and a good choice for teachers who want to teach kids about World War II.

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