What Book is Kakashi Always Reading?

what book is kakashi always reading

One of the greatest shinobi in the Naruto series, Kakashi, is always reading a book. He does this because it helps him concentrate. As a jonin, he also pays attention to the things going around him. The following are some of Kakashi’s favorite books:

Icha Icha

The novel Icha-Icha-Paradise is based on the love experiences of Jiraiya. It is a classic pornographic novel that has been translated into numerous languages and has become a cult classic. Jiraiya-sama, the creator of the Icha-Icha series, has written two books. The first, “Make Out Paradise,” is based on his own experiences of being rejected by Tsunade. The second book, “What Book is Kakashi Reading?” was adapted from the manga.

Since Kakashi is a Virgo, he is shy and reserved. He may be shy, but his interest in Icha-Icha strengthens his shyness. In fact, the novel is so important to Kakashi that he reads it most of the time. It has become almost an addiction and is a daily routine for the mangaka. If you haven’t read Icha-Icha yet, you’re missing out.


It is hard to imagine a love triangle without the flamboyant and witty protagonist of Naruto, Kakashi Hatake. The series’ premise revolves around a man who falls in love with a woman. Kakashi often finds Jiraiya’s books in his room and has no idea why. He may have come across them while looking through a gift box.

It is unclear why Jiraiya wanted to train Sasuke firsthand. Obviously, the two were the perfect student-teacher combination, but his words derailed his vengeance. It seems that Jiraiya had no idea that his former student was a pervert, but his words seem to have a deeper meaning. Naruto, meanwhile, is more of a student of Jiraiya than a teacher.

Kakashi’s perversity

Kakashi is a renowned copy ninja and an elite shinobi. He is considered a local legend in Konoha. He is a royal pain in Iruka’s side. As a young man, Iruka is curious to know what makes Kakashi tick, and begins digging deep to discover the truth about this mysterious man. Despite his reluctance to reveal his weaknesses, Kakashi is a fascinating character to watch and learn.

After the death of his friend and mentor, Kakashi regrets the type of person he was before his training with the Anbu. Despite the fact that he has become cold-blooded, this did not ease his pain. In fact, it only deepened it. When Minato’s death finally occurred, Kakashi felt he had failed his teammates. His grief at the death of his comrade added to his own depression, and Danzo took this opportunity to use his power against Kakashi.

Why he reads adult books

It is quite possible that Kakashi would love to read adult books with his s/o – but he would be skeptical at first. After all, he thought his s/o was innocent, right? And he would definitely have doubts if his s/o reads adult books about kinks and BDSM. In fact, he would even consider not telling his s/o about the literature. But he would try to convince his s/o to read them. That would make the s/o blush and open up a lot of things.

Unlike Naruto, Kakashi’s perversion isn’t as extreme as Jiraiya’s. Although his perversity isn’t as intense, he’s definitely a pervert. The sex books that Kakashi reads are often rated adult. The reason behind this is that it’s a way for him to mask his indirect observation of the environment and avoid social interaction.