What Books Are Banned in the UK?

what books are banned in the uk

If you’ve ever wondered what books are banned in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. You can learn about books like To Kill a Mockingbird, Tolkien, Harry Potter, and Enid Blyton, which are banned for various reasons.

To Kill a Mockingbird

A school in Scotland has banned a classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, citing racism. The head of English at James Gillespie’s High School has expressed concern that the book’s representation of black people is too offensive. But the chancellor of Heriot-Watt University, Sir Geoff Palmer, has warned against banning a book that confronts uncomfortable truths.

Although the novel is vile in terms of language, it offers students an insight into life in the American south during the civil rights movement. Segregation was legal in the south during this time, and the novel makes this point. Banning the book is a counterproductive measure, since students will be exposed to the N-word anyway.


The Tolkien Estate is fighting to prevent Amazon from tampering with The Lord of the Rings films. Tolkien’s estate has refused to allow any changes to the movies or TV series, including moving the setting outside of “The Second Age” in Middle Earth. The Second Age is the time period before “The Third Age,” which lasted over 3,000 years and culminated in the first defeat of Sauron.

The Tolkien Estate has a duty to protect the integrity of Tolkien’s original works. They take copyright very seriously. This means that no one is allowed to copy Tolkien’s works or create anything that references them. The FAQ on the Tolkien estate states that fans cannot make unauthorized derivative works or use Tolkien characters without the permission of the estate. The FAQ lists several examples of prohibited works.

Enid Blyton

While there are many reasons why Enid Blyton books are banned, many of them are related to racism and xenophobia. For example, English Heritage, which looks after old buildings and commemorates famous people, has recently criticized Enid Blyton for racial discrimination. It has also said that many people find Blyton’s books offensive.

In 1957, Enid Blyton’s books were banned in the UK because of a series of racist incidents. However, it was soon reprinted, updated, and enjoyed by many children again. Despite the backlash, her books are still popular and have sold more than 600 million copies.

Harry Potter

For decades, the Harry Potter books have been a favorite among children. In fact, the series has become such a staple of local libraries, that there have even been instances where libraries have prohibited the books. The books are based on the world of Hogwarts, a magical school where the students experience adventure and magic. However, the series has also come under fire, and in some countries, the books have been banned entirely.

Some critics say that the books are too dark for children. The series begins with a young boy named Harry, who is orphaned and whose parents are murdered by Lord Voldemort. The books also feature intense battles and good people dying horribly and suddenly.

Tolkien’s The Satanic Verses

Tolkien’s epic fantasy trilogy is a classic example of fantasy literature, following the struggles of good and evil in the quest for a magical ring. Despite the controversy surrounding this book, it has become a bestselling book in the UK and other countries. Tolkien was a devout Christian, and many scholars have noted Christian themes in his work.

The Satanic Verses was banned in India for depicting violence against women. But despite the controversy over the publication of the book, it has now become a cult classic. The novel has been banned in several countries, including India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Defense Council (IDC) is demanding Penguin Books to destroy copies of the book.

Tolkien’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover

A banned book by a famous author has caused controversy in the United Kingdom, but it is not the only example of censorship. In the 1960s, a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover was used by the judge at an obscenity trial. The copy was even marked up by the judge’s wife. The government is trying to sell the PS56,250 copy to a UK buyer.

The controversial novel is considered a work of eroticism and class conflict. Lady Chatterley has an affair with a gamekeeper in her household, infuriating her husband. This illicit affair leads to an awakening sexual experience for both her husband and gamekeeper. Although erotically charged, the book has received a lot of criticism, making it one of the most controversial novels in the English language.