Which Books Are Free on Audible?

which books are free on audible

Audible subscribers can choose from a variety of free titles. This includes Audible exclusive titles. These can be downloaded without using any credits. There is no limit to the number of books that you can download. Some of these titles can be purchased as physical books, while others can only be purchased through the Audible app.

Audible’s “Send a Book” feature

The “Send a Book” feature on the Audible website allows Audible subscribers to send a book to a friend or family member. Users can select the recipient by email or print a card. They can send the book to anyone, but they can only send one at a time.

This feature also allows people to set up joint accounts with Audible. This allows the account owner to share the same library with their partner or family member. If you share the account with a partner, you can also add one or more of your children to your account. You can add as many devices as you like to a family account.

After you send a book to a friend, he or she can download it on their mobile device or listen to it on their computer. This feature will work with both Kindle and Audible books, but it’s best to be sure to include the complete book name.

Audible’s rollover scheme

Audible’s rollover scheme allows members to store unused credits for future use. This allows them to read books at a lower price than normal. There are limits on the amount of credits that can be stored, though. Each Audible member can store up to six credits at a time. However, the credits are lost if a member cancels their subscription.

Audible credits can be rolled over from month to month, but they expire after a year. Members of the Gold and Platinum annual plans can roll over up to five credits per year, respectively. However, it’s important to remember that any credits that are unused will be lost if the membership is terminated. In addition, some audiobooks can be expensive, even with the 30 percent discount. For example, Stephen King’s The Outsider, which costs more than $22 on Google Play, can be purchased for less than half that amount.

Audible’s subscription model allows users to choose from a variety of subscription packages, and each subscription package has limitations on the number of books they can access. Audible credits are a form of internal currency, and each credit allows a user to buy one audiobook.

Alternatives to Audible

If you’ve been looking for a way to listen to audiobooks, but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash, you should consider finding an alternative to Audible. There are a few options available, including free audiobooks and downloadable books. The Audible site has over 200,000 titles available, and a wide variety of payment options. The Gold subscription is the most popular, costing $15 per month, and entitles you to one credit per month. You can use the credits to purchase up to one audiobook. The subscription comes with a 30% discount, which is great if you’re on a budget. Another good alternative to Audible is LibriVox, which offers an extensive catalog of audiobooks read by volunteers around the world. These are then burnt to physical CDs and made available for download or streaming.

Another popular alternative to Audible is Spotify. It’s a podcast app that also offers audiobooks. There’s also a service called Speechify, which narrates digital content. You can choose the speed and voice of the reader. Speechify is free to use and can be a good alternative to Audible.

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