Which Books Are Free on Audible?

which books are free on audible

Among the Audible library’s free titles are classics such as Aesop’s Fables and Harry Potter. You can also enjoy a free selection of stories from Bambi to Hamlet. In addition, Audible offers audiobooks from some of the world’s most popular writers, including Octavia E. Butler and Libby.

Octavia E. Butler

As a Black woman working in the genre of science fiction, Octavia E. Butler has created a new voice for the genre and has received a number of awards for her work. Among these are the MacArthur “Genius” Grant and the PEN America Lifetime Achievement Award. She has also left a lasting legacy on science fiction literature.

One of the most underrated science fiction writers today, Octavia E. Butler is a powerful voice that combines dystopian and futuristic themes. Despite her relatively young age, she has published many works that examine violence, intolerance, and hierarchy in society. Butler’s first collection, Bloodchild…, is an excellent example of this. It features a fictional world with alien races blending in with humankind and viruses that destroy human speech. This is a highly recommended free Audible book.


Libby is a free app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play to listen to audiobooks. Once installed, the app will allow you to scan your library card and download books to your device. The app is very simple to use and contains a large selection of titles.

Unlike Borrowbox, Libby allows you to organise books based on their categories. For example, if you love biographies, you can use the tag ‘biography’ for all biographies. Libby also allows you to create tags for different types of books.


Audible offers two different membership plans. The first plan costs one credit a month and allows you to choose any title in their library. The second plan costs a little less and allows you to listen to books on a monthly basis. In either case, you can download and keep the books you download from the Audible library.

Audible offers free audiobooks for a wide variety of genres. For example, you can listen to audiobooks by the best-selling authors. You can also listen to free podcasts or the top-rated books from the most popular genres. You can also read books by independent authors.


Spotify has quietly gotten into the audiobook market, offering nine free titles. They are all in the public domain and are available to listen to in the Spotify app. The audiobook feature is not widely available yet, and it’s likely to be a test. The service also recently launched a podcast called Sitting with the Classics.

Many of these books are classics that have been on the market for decades. Some of the most popular titles include “Pride and Prejudice,” which is one of the most popular books of all time. Other titles include “Mansfield Park,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and other Austen titles.

Amazon Prime

Audible has a wide selection of free audiobooks for Prime members. These selections include new releases and bestsellers. Members also have access to Audible channels, which feature original audio content, playlists, and audiobooks. If you aren’t already a member, consider signing up for a free Audible trial.

Audible offers a free trial for the first thirty days. You can download up to two free audiobooks during the trial. If you enjoy the free books, you can continue to listen to them after the free trial period expires. You can also listen to Audible podcasts and meditation tracks.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a media and educational site that offers thousands of free audiobooks. You can download them directly to your computer or stream them on the Internet. Open Culture also offers educational courses online, so you can learn more about a particular topic. You can also download these audio books to your iTunes library and stream them on the go. You don’t have to spend a dime to access Open Culture’s content, which is funded entirely by donations.

The Open Culture audiobooks are made by writers and artists in the field. These creators have experience in various fields, including journalism and art. The authors’ voices are often rich and lively, and the stories are sometimes challenging. Many of the stories are about the human condition and the role it plays in society.

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