Why Books Are Better Than Movies

why books are better than movies

Many schoolchildren ask why books are better than movies. In their response, they often point to comparisons in movies and books. Comparisons between the book and film show how much the reader’s imagination is reflected in the final product. However, most films are made for the box office, not for the quality of the story. Hollywood is a great example of a cash-cow industry. While Hollywood is known for producing blockbuster movies that aren’t necessarily as good as the book, it still manages to make big bucks for the producers.

as the reader

As the reader, you can enjoy more elaborate stories and vivid characters when you read a book than if you watch a movie. A good book can increase your imagination and explain complex themes better than a movie can. As an example, you can enjoy Harry Potter’s series instead of seeing the movie version. You can also learn more about characters through books than you can from a movie. It’s important to note that books have a longer shelf-life than a movie.

As a reader, you can put together a story by yourself, unlike when watching a movie. Movies tend to overdo visuals, but you’re more likely to understand the storyline if you’ve read the book first. Similarly, music has vinyl records, while books have pages. Neither offer you a tangible object. Exceptions include VHS tapes. However, there are many other advantages to reading books.

You can experience the story at your own pace

Watching a book does not have to be an excruciating process. It is important to allow children time to study pictures and comment on the story. Watch for signs of boredom or confusion, and make changes accordingly. Changing the book or your plan for the reading session may be necessary. Alternatively, you may want to do more preparation next time. Regardless of whether you watch a book in print or on your computer, you should always be aware of your child’s pace.

You can experience the story at your own pace in a book

As with a roller coaster, books can be fast or slow. The speed you experience is based on the genre. You can also experience the story at your own pace. However, it’s important to know that each genre has its own pace. If you can’t handle the fast pace, you’ll probably be discombobulated, or even sick. For this reason, it’s important to select a book that reaches the pace you prefer.

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