Why Books Are Better Than Movies

why books are better than movies

One of the biggest advantages of books is the ability to control the pace of the story. While movie directors decide how long the film should be, book readers can set their own pace. They can pause to reflect on scenes or characters. If you’re watching a movie, you’ll be limited in stopping to consider the story as you read.

Book adaptations trigger sequels

Book adaptations have become a lucrative industry, providing an abundant source of content for multiseason and limited series. Publishers Weekly reported in 2019 that Netflix was on a book-buying binge, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. As of this writing, the website Rotten Tomatoes lists 125 literary adaptations in development.


There is a strong argument for books being better than movies for authenticity. Movies are usually based on a script or an adaptation of a written text, which isn’t the same as the book’s original version. While movies have a lot of production value and glitz, they tend to lose authenticity. Books are often gifts to the mother earth and are a more authentic form of entertainment.

Movies aren’t always bad. Some are even works of art. While most movies are commercially made, the process of making a movie can be just as artistic. In fact, some movies have been more creative than books, and their creators have often been better artists. Even so, movies still have some advantages, and are gaining more popularity.

Unmediated originality

The general opinion is that books are better than movies, but opinions vary considerably depending on who you ask. Some have examples to back up their claims, while others do not. For instance, there are many who argue that books are better for teenagers, while others claim that books are not as appealing to teens.

Similarly, the time constraints for movies are not the same as those for books. A movie may last one hour and fifteen minutes, whereas a book may run three hours. Because of this, movies tend to cut parts of the book and shorten developments within the story. This results in a loss of the book’s accuracy.


One of the reasons why books are better than movies is that they require more imagination. While movies have visuals that convey the entire story, books rely on the reader’s own imagination to bring the story to life. This means that movies don’t have the same emotional impact as books.

Another reason that books are better than movies for imagining is that they allow the reader to immerse themselves in the story and the characters. This means that the reader can visualize the events and setting in their mind. This allows for greater imagination and makes the story more personal. Unlike movies, books also offer more detailed character development, with a richer sense of the human experience. Movies, in contrast, tend to leave out important details, and sometimes even change the characters from the books.

Another reason why books are better than movies is because they use more words to describe the emotions of the characters. For example, a movie scene may only show a character in deep thought, but a book can describe what that character is thinking in great detail. Because of this, the scene becomes more memorable than a movie scene.

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