Why Books Are Better Than TV

why books are better than tv

There are many reasons to read a book instead of watching television. Whether you’re interested in increased vocabulary, sharper intellect, or the ability to fall asleep while reading a book, there are a number of benefits to do so. You can learn more about these benefits by reading this article. Here are just a few of them:

Long-term effects of reading a book on the brain

A new study shows that reading a novel can have lasting effects on the brain. Researchers from Emory University found that the biological changes that occur when reading a novel are maintained throughout life. The authors of the study, Michael Prietula and David Levine, used a novel called Pompeii to examine the changes that occur in the brain after reading the book. They also found that the neural changes lasted for several days after reading.

In the study, participants read several chapters of the novel over nine days, were quizzed on the material, and then underwent an fMRI scan to evaluate the changes in the brain. The next morning, they returned for five more brain scans. After these scans, their brains showed improvements. Reading novels increases the number of new connections between different parts of the brain. For example, a novel increases communication between parts of the brain involved in language processing. Reading also creates long-term changes in the sensory cortex, which is responsible for sensory processing.

Increased vocabulary

Many studies show that reading books is more effective for increased vocabulary than watching TV. Unlike TV, which is designed to entertain viewers, books can evoke the sensory experience of the subject matter without distracting them with visuals. Moreover, reading books increases vocabulary, because it forces people to think about the meaning of unfamiliar words. A greater vocabulary can help us in writing and in everyday conversations. It is also better than watching TV, since reading books gives us repeated exposure to words we know and test our knowledge of them.

In addition, reading helps you to build your theory of mind. The theory of mind is a group of social skills. It is not easy to create this theory of mind with a single reading of literary fiction, but long-term fiction readers generally have a better theory of mind than those who read fiction for only a few minutes. Studies show that the Matthew effect, or “rich get richer,” applies to vocabularies. Students who read regularly tend to have large vocabularies, and their vocabulary size can even affect their college admissions and employment opportunities.

Sharpening of intellectuality

The sharpening of intellectuality through books is a critical skill for success in today’s world. Whether it’s in the business world, politics, or the social realm, successful people can benefit from listening to other perspectives and learning from others’ experiences. As your knowledge increases, you’ll enjoy increased influence and respect at work. And if you want to be a competitive Jeopardy contestant, reading intelligent books will help you achieve this goal.

Ability to fall asleep while reading a book

One of the best ways to fall asleep is to read. Many people don’t realize how effective reading can be at falling asleep, but it’s possible to use this to your advantage. Here are some tips to help you fall asleep while reading:

Ensure that the room is comfortable and has a decent temperature. A stuffy room will distract you, as will a lack of oxygen and extreme quiet. Boredom is a symptom of several reasons, including a boring book. While reading, you should avoid slumping, nodding, and re-reading the same sentence. You should also avoid resisting the need to go to bed, but instead, accept your slumber.

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