Why Books Are Better Than TV

why books are better than tv

For one thing, books are more detailed. They are also unfiltered, which means you can get more information from them. What’s more, reading a book can sharpen your intellect and language skills. Plus, they don’t require electricity to run. You can read them anywhere you go without having to worry about power outages or commercials.

Book offers unmediated originality

Books are an excellent source of unmediated originality. Most films and streaming services are simply audio-visual renderings of written texts. Authors sacrifice their lives to create the works of literature, which is a gift to mother earth. In comparison, mainstream cinema, with its emphasis on cheap thrills and glitz, compromises originality in favor of maximizing box office.

Book enhances attention span

If you are a writer, you may often wonder how to increase attention span. A common problem for academic writers is that they spend fifteen minutes reading a book and then jump ahead to do something else. Then, when they get back to the book, they don’t remember what they read. But, there are ways to encourage longer attention spans. Try slow reading, or a book club. Slow reading has several benefits, including improving comprehension and retention.

A robust attention span is useful for both personal and professional life. It can help you become more productive, effective, and collaborative. So, it’s important to try every available option to boost your attention span.

Book helps you learn more

Reading books is a great way to learn something new and improve your knowledge. Instead of watching television or playing video games all day, you should read a book. While YouTube has many channels you can watch, reading a book offers a more in-depth experience. In addition to learning something new, books can also help you solve problems and learn something you didn’t know before.

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