Why Books Are Better Than TV

If you want to learn about a certain subject, you can easily do so with a book. It is cheaper, less passive, and improves language skills. Reading also helps us foster social bonds. As a result, many people believe that books are better than television. Here are a few reasons why.

Less passive

One of the biggest differences between watching TV and reading a book is that the former involves using your imagination. TV and movies only provide visual information, while reading requires you to act out scenarios. Furthermore, reading requires your hands, which make it healthy. The physical activity also encourages creativity.


Books are cheaper than TV because they are more educational and can be used to increase knowledge and skills. Watching TV costs you money because you have to pay for a subscription and license fees. A subscription to a library offers a wealth of books for a fraction of the price. There are also many second-hand books available for very low prices. Investing in a high-quality home library is more luxurious than having a TV in the living room.

Purchasing a book is cheaper than watching TV, but it takes up more time. It is more intimate, and you’ll learn more about the topic. It’s also cheaper than paying for a movie ticket. If you don’t mind spending more time, you can also purchase a secondhand book and read it in your own time.

Improves language skills

Recent studies have shown that reading for pleasure increases the development of language skills. This is true for both children and adults. Regular reading for pleasure has been linked to higher academic achievement, better social skills, increased vocabulary, and increased comprehension. It is also beneficial to improve a person’s mental and emotional health.

Reading novels, especially in the target language, improves your language skills by exposing you to new vocabulary and sentence structures. It also challenges your mind as you look beyond the literal meaning of words. Reading books in the target language also exposes you to idiomatic expressions and different grammar rules. It can help you avoid getting lost in translation while learning a new language.

In addition to teaching reading skills, book reading also promotes language self-regulation. Parents who engage in this type of reading with their children often engage in rich interactions with the text. The interactions they create are more engaging for children and lead to better language development.

Better return on investment

A book collector can increase his return on investment by buying and selling books. However, it is important to understand that book sales alone do not equal a better return on investment. For instance, a book in great condition will probably fetch two different prices in different auction houses. This means that it is important to hold onto books for two seven-year cycles before reselling them.

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