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Why Books Are Better Than TV

why books are better than tv

You may have heard that watching TV is cheaper, but there are a few good reasons to read instead. In addition to being cheaper, books are also more intellectual and passive, which makes them the better choice for those looking for passive entertainment. If you’d like to read more, here are some good reasons to start today. Continue reading for a healthier, longer life! And don’t forget to pick up a book from your local bookstore.

Disadvantages of watching tv over reading

The debate over watching TV versus reading is a longstanding one. Ever since the invention of television programs, people have debated the merits of each. While TV has won the hearts and minds of billions of people, reading continues to attract an increasing number of people. Although the debate over books and television has long since died down, the general trend doesn’t seem to favor reading. Listed below are the advantages of reading books.

Television can make you lazy. When you watch a show, you’ll find yourself lounging on the couch instead of doing your homework or completing chores. Moreover, television is addictive. Once you start watching a lot of shows, it can be difficult to stop watching. In addition, you might want to stay on the couch and relax for the entire day. In the long run, television could lead to health problems.


We’ve all heard it: Books are cheaper than TV. Why? Because television and publishing companies are afraid of downward pressure on prices. Streaming services and the availability of $9.99 books on Amazon, for instance, are threats to their bottom line. They’re worried that consumers will believe that prices haven’t dropped. But the opposite is true. If you can find a good second-hand book for only a few dollars, why wouldn’t you pick it up?

Regardless of quality, books are cheaper than television. The price difference is due to the quality of the information, the personal judgment of authors, and the costs of printing and distribution. Books aren’t free, though, as paper and ink costs a small part of their price. Publishing houses and authors are in business to make money. Physical books can range from 50 cents for a cheap paperback to $5 for a nice hardcover. Ebooks don’t have these costs, but they still come with a small price tag.

More intellectual

Many people would argue that books are better than television because they are more intellectual. While it may not always be easy to make a child read a book, there are some things you can do. Bookshelves stocked with different types of reading material, caring adults, and caring schools can all encourage a child to read a book. The benefits of reading a book are clear:

Less passive

When you watch TV, you sit in front of the screen, but reading a book is more passive. Reading requires you to engage your imagination. With TV, you are passively watching other people create scenes and act out scenarios, but with a book, you must use both hands to engage in the story. It is also more healthful to read than to watch television. In addition to the physical benefits, reading requires you to use both hands.

Another way to stay active is to engage in physical activity, but don’t forget that physical activity is also crucial for your brain. Reading books is one way to stay mentally active, and it’s good for your heart, too. Similarly, doing creative activities such as art or crossword puzzles helps to keep your mind sharp. Another new study from the UK shows that binge-watching TV can affect brain function.

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